Family Law

We Help Our Clients Navigate Common Family Law Situations

No one enters into a marriage expecting it to end in divorce. The reality, unfortunately, is that life is unpredictable. Personal relationships, such as marriages and bonds between parents and children, are fragile. At all stages, they are also a matter of state law. Since these issues are so important and so personal, it’s vital to get advice from an experienced and skilled family law attorney.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Almost every individual who plans to become married has his or her own assets and often debts, most commonly in the form of student loans, mortgages, tax liability, and credit card debt. Because of this reality, and the uncertainty of married life, many couples enter into a legal agreement to add certainty as to which assets and debts will or will not become part of the marital estate. A pre-nuptial agreement outlines what happens to these assets and debts in the event of a divorce. We professionally and expeditiously help our clients establish the terms.


Divorce, although intensely emotional and personal, is a legal process. It is not enough to simply say goodbye. Certain processes and procedures are required, particularly for such matters as alimony (spousal support), child custody, parenting time, child support, distribution of property, and division of debt. Most divorce cases are resolved outside of court through settlement and mediation. In some cases, however, a judge will be required to decide the final terms of a marriage dissolution. Whether your case is resolved through settlement, or by trial in front of a Judge, at Askin & Hooker, we help our clients facing divorce navigate the law while providing a compassionate ear.

Child Custody/Child Support

All parents worry first and foremost about their children in the event of divorce or separation. Child custody and child support agreements may be difficult to negotiate and require ongoing reassessment and enforcement. Regardless of where a parent is in this difficult process, the attorneys at Askin & Hooker can help.


Alimony is the issue that makes headlines in high-profile divorce cases, but its original purpose is quite practical. This type of financial support is intended to minimize unfair economic hardship caused by the divorce. Whether you will pay or receive spousal support, the attorneys at Askin & Hooker can help.

Post-Judgment Relief

After the divorce is concluded, one spouse’s circumstances may change, for example financially because of a job change, or retirement, that may impact their ability to pay alimony. Sometimes the change is related to a child becoming emancipated. Typically, any changes to the final divorce agreement arrived at between spouses or to a Court’s entry of a Judgment of Divorce, has to go through the court to be modified. When this situation arises, our attorneys can help advocate for your interests.

Emotions and competing expectations can sometimes make finding common ground difficult. Experienced attorneys, such as those at Askin & Hooker, help clients navigate the complexities of family law matters.