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Environmental Law

Environmental Law

If you are a business looking to buy or sell contaminated property, a developer seeking to understand the impact of wetlands and wetland buffers on your project, or a business owner who has received a Notice of Violation from the USEPA or NJDEP, having an experienced and knowledgeable environmental attorney on your side is crucial. 

Askin & Hooker, LLC provides an integrated approach to the practice of environmental law through their professional activities. By combining broad substantive and business-focused experience, the firm guides clients through the challenges of the ever-changing intersection of federal, state, and local environmental laws. Todd M. Hooker has a proven track record of successfully representing clients in environmental matters throughout New Jersey, as well as in other states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Nebraska, and South Carolina. 

Whether you are contemplating purchasing a commercial property, acquiring a business that owns commercial property, engaging in environmental cost recovery litigation, conducting a site clean-up, or preparing a land use application, we can provide strategic guidance and practical results-oriented legal counsel.

Environmental Law Focus Areas

  • Land Use
  • Commercial Acquisition
  • Environmental Cost Litigation

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