Todd and Bill PhillyHello and here I am again with another Pop’s Perspective.  This will be a rather short narrative as I’m a bit pressed for a publication deadline.  But I did want to share a couple of ideas with you.

I’ve recently become more aware of the many challenges that each of us face on a daily basis.  More on that later but first let’s look at the word “challenge” itself.  Some of the first messages that may be associated with “challenge” might include saying or showing that something may not be true.  Or we might use the term when questioning an action or some authority.  I also think of challenge as a test of ability, skill or strength of someone or something to be difficult enough to be interesting.  I suppose that if golf were not challenging to me I wouldn’t find it interesting!  And of course, we use challenge to order someone to stop, identify and prove identity before proceeding.

I think that as many of us travel through life, we may shy away from challenges.  Some find it too easy or a lot less trouble to remain safe from fear of failure or that it might be easier to slide by in life without the issue of publicly questioning whether a rule, law or process is correct, fair or just.  Sure, sometimes those actions (or lack of action) may certainly be the easy road.  But I also submit that most people feel better about themselves when they face up to and meet challenges face on.

Now from a strictly personal standpoint, I recently found myself faced with a challenge that I made a conscious decision to accept.  Yes, Pop has been retired for some length of time now and yes, Pop gets plenty of challenges on the golf course!  But I was recently asked to take on some responsibilities that I questioned my ability to carry out successfully and to provide value.  So after a lengthy (5 minute) in-depth analysis of my skills, my chances of success in this endeavor, and the perceived need by the requestor, I decided to accept the challenge and move forward.  My personal belief is that it serves one well to be a bit in awe of a challenge presented and to not enter into an endeavor thinking that it will have no attraction to learning new skills nor present an opportunity for self-development.

Well, long story short, I did accept the challenge, have found that although there is a learning curve and I need to draw on some skills not practiced in some time, I am experiencing a great deal of self-satisfaction and a feeling of contribution.  So, from Pop’s Perspective, why not look for, seek out and accept new challenges every chance we get.  There is much to be learned and I sincerely believe that we are all better off exposing ourselves to new and fun opportunities.  So maybe it is a good idea to step outside of our comfort zones and become challenged with something we are not familiar with or accustomed to.  Accepting challenge to see what you can do may just allow us to be pleasantly surprised!

Thanks for letting me share yet another of “Pops Perspective” and watch for more in the coming months.