Business Law

We pride ourselves on our ability to relate to and help our business clients solve the legal problems that stand between them and their goals. We have extensive experience assisting new and established business clients in understanding risk, which allows them to quickly make a decision and get back to focusing on securing the profits of their hard work. In short, we address the concerns that can draw your attention away from your business goals and keep you up at night.

We Want You To Focus On Your Business Goals

We have a client base that includes local family-owned businesses as well as large publicly-traded corporations. We routinely advise our business clients as they grow through the acquisition of new businesses and new facilities. We advise and counsel our clients on all aspects of buying and selling commercial real estate, commercial leases, and in the formation of new business entities.

You can rely on Askin & Hooker, LLC to be a valuable resource and ally for your business. Whether you have questions about the initial formation of your business, contract negotiations, or the resolution of internal or external disputes, we can provide strategic guidance and practical results-oriented legal counsel.


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